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5s & Visual management

Great success with simple means are accessible with lean methods. Through optimal identification of spaces, production or storage areas, your employees get a quick overview. Deviations from the defined standard are immediately visible and can be resolved. Standardized color codes offer overview and order.

Learn how to define these standards and how to successfully implement, in the training of the lean factory group under in the workshop of „5s & Visual management“.

We are distributors of the company Orgatex and advise on the respective products.

Container labelling

Within the framework of an optimized storage organization, it is essential to identify all types of containers. We deliver the right solution for marking for every need. Where are the selection of the proper installation of the type of material, as well as the distinction between durable, so permanent or flexible attachment of importance.

Storage compartment and pitch marking

There's our point of view bags available in magnetic and adhesive to attach. They are used to identify such as pallets, cartons, metal baskets and even pallets. Through the top opening, your documents are safely protected from dirt and dust, the term foil on the front is UV resistant and transparent, so that a read by conventional scanners is ensured.

LongLife floor marking

Floor markings are used today in almost all areas of production and warehousing, on roads and streets. Driveways, parking spaces, parking or Hall marks, industrial markers or escape and rescue routes, floor markings help secure orientation.

Poster frames

Poster frames are stable and both sides use visualization tools to identify pitches, shelves and storage bins. The poster frames are available in all popular formats and eight different colors. They can be used in both portrait and landscape. The sturdy plastic frame ensures a high resistance, which can be used in particular in stressed areas of the industry. The anti-glare PVC cover can be read by any standard scanner.

Plug-in systems

Material availability and inventory reduction are known watchwords in (almost) all areas of production and logistics. Through the use of KANBAN and the application of the pull principle reach not only lower stocks, but at the same time increase the delivery capacity.

The meaning of the term KANBAN is to the point. „Signal board“ - results ordering defined quantities.

Visual boards

In the field of process optimization within a material flow, we offer a variety of different ways to configure Visual boards. They are suitable both to the appearance of internal information, processes or other metrics and can equally be used for control in the production.



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